“The earth is where we all meet, where we have mutual interest, and the only planet that has coffee and bubble tea”
- adaptation of Lady Bird Johnson

But that single-use-plastic from the coffee or bubble tea we had yesterday, the double-plastic-bagged bread or fruit from the store we bought from when we were 7, are still around now, polluting our planet.

We produce around 380 million tonnes of plastic waste every year - that’s nearly equivalent to the weight of the entire human population! And half of this plastic is designed to be used only once, then thrown away.

But wait, I recycle you say!?

We did too, until we learnt that only about 9% of all plastic waste ever produced has been recycled, 12% incinerated and the rest, accumulates in landfills, or the ocean.
Similar to the current pandemic that has upended our normal daily lives, the single-use-plastic crisis is borderless - it reminds us of our interdependence with one another and our environment. And unfortunately, our inaction will lead to further harm to our people, communities and our planet.
World’s water is in great danger because of leaking plastics and waste. This has had terrible consequences on many marine species, which can lead to consequences for those that eat fish and marine life for nutrients - including people.
When plastic is dumped in landfills, it interacts with water and form hazardous chemicals. When these chemicals seep underground, they degrade our water quality.
Burning of plastic in the open air, leads to environmental pollution due to the release of poisonous chemicals. The polluted air when inhaled by humans and animals affect their health and can cause respiratory problems.

But the Plastic Pollution Challenge is too much to solve on our own. At Plano, we are on a mission to eliminate single-use-plastic with creative, scalable and accessible global solutions, one tablet at a time.


As an avid scuba diver, I’ve always been fond of marine life and the natural environment. Unfortunately, this also made me witness first hand how the proliferation of plastics has impacted our planet. But a visit to my home town in Malaysia was the final tipping point, to my horror the world started illegally using my city as a dumping ground for their plastic pollution.

Watching my husband zealously recycling in our apartment in Singapore as he had learned how to do when growing up in Sydney struck me as absurd, how is it that we buy then discard so much single-use plastic?

I became focused on where I could cut down my own plastic consumption and contribute. I found myself frustrated at how difficult it was to find eco-friendly yet convenient, effective and inexpensive alternatives. Having juggled a busy career and personal life of my own, I understand the current predicament of going green.

That is how Plano was conceived - we work with the best formulators, designers and makers to rethink our everyday products to create convenient choices that are not only beautiful and good for the earth, but good for your home and your wallet.

We hope you'll join us and be #planolifers!

Stay clean, stay green,

Founder & CEO

"Alone We Can Do So Little. Together We Can Do So Much" - Helen Keller

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